The Gear


In our book, we promise you a few ready-made goodies like templates and How To tutorials.

This is where we stash them.

You can get these goodies now by signing up to our mailing list. (Don’t worry, we’re lazy sods, we hardly ever mail out unless it’s really important – and you can unsubscribe at any time).

Your Punk Publishing Bonus Pack contains the following:

  • The Punk Publishers Word template for a 5″ x 8″ paperback book.
  • The Punk Publishers Word template for an Ebook.
  • The Punk Publishers Spreadsheet for book spine thickness and guidelines for Photoshop to create your own cover design.
  • The Punk Publishers Word macro to convert to HTML.
  • The Punk Publishers HTML header.
  • Punk Publishing Appendix 3: Using HTML to make Ebooks.
  • Punk Publishing Appendix 4: How to Create your own book cover template.

Just sign up to download them all in one convenient ZIP file, then unpack it and away you go.


A shout out to the designer of that brochure layout image above. It’s a free brochure layout Photoshop template designed by Carlos Viloria.