Amazon opens Sponsored Products for UK and Germany


So this just happened. Self-publishing UK authors have been waiting ages for Amazon to let us run ads in the UK Amazon store.

For ages now, the only way to run an ad on Amazon has been to use Amazon Advertising (formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services or AMS) and that means we indie authors have only been able to advertise on the US site.

Yes, there was a way round it by using Amazon Advantage, but Amazon don’t like authors using that to sell eBooks as it’s largely for people selling physical goods, which explains why I kept getting chucked out of it for a different reason every time.

But Amazon have just announced “KDP authors can reach readers in the U.K. and Germany using Sponsored Products from Amazon Advertising.”

They are rolling this out gradually, so you might not be one of the lucky authors, but just go along to your Bookshelf on KDP, clock on the three dots next to a title then “Promote & Advertise.” and go to Run an Ad Campaign where you might see the drop-down menu that shows you the added UK and Germany options.