How to publish paperback books for free

Part 3 of 3. Ahead of the launch of the book PUNK PUBLISHING, Andrew Sparke interviews Andy Conway and David Wake at the Tamworth Literature Festival. They talk about: – How to publish paperback books, for FREE – Using Createspace – The miracle of Print On Demand – Why indie authors need to become marketers […]

What is indie publishing?

More from our talk at the Tamworth Literature Festival. In Part 2 (of three videos) Andrew Sparke, Andy Conway and David Wake talk about: – How to define indie-publishing – How to make strangers buy your book – How Amazon levelled the publishing playing field – How ‘Punk Publishing’ is full of personal experience – […]

Get your ticket to the Punk Publishing launch party

Punk Publishing will launch this Friday night at Birmingham’s pop-up indie festival. Friday 13th 6-10pm   Andy Conway and David Wake launch the PUNK PUBLISHING DIY GUIDE to indie publishing this Friday, as part of an evening devoted to the DIY punk ethic. The launch is part of the ‘Show Me Your Birmingham’, an alternative arts […]

The punk publishing revolution, the Publishing Con, and how Amazon freed authors from serfdom

Ahead of the launch of Punk Publishing – a DIY Guide, here’s the first chapter………………………. The punk revolution In January 1977, a little-known punk fanzine called Sideburns published the now famous Three chords – Now form a band image you see here. What has this got to do with  self-publishing? Well, we’re going to teach […]